At GreenEO we know from our own experience that every great company was once started by a great team. As in agriculture, if the seed quality is not satisfactory, plants cannot flourish and grow-up to reach their full potential. Since we want our company and customers to grow and prosper, we have focused on building a team consisting of highly skilled and experienced experts and professionals with the needed skill set and mentality. As important as diverse nutrition and the many different kinds of quality organic fruits and vegetables, each team member has his and her own specialization and is able to serve our customer’s needs with expert knowledge focus, and dedication.


Md Reaid Alam
Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Abul Hasnat
Research and Development Project Manager

Sebastian Lemke
Business Development Manager

Roxanne Michaelis
Administrative Officer

Katja Sonnen
Marketing Officer

Mohammad Monir Hossen
Geoinformation Engineer

Lynette Fernandes
Software Engineer

Md Shifur Rahman Chowdhury
Digital & Social Media Designer

Ayesha Khalid
IoT Intern

Board Member

Md Reaid Alam

Sebastian Lemke