Short Description

“Organic food” sounds cool to hear but its cultivation and management systems requires a lot of maintaining procedures and it comes along with transparency issues. With the growing demand of organically grown food products, ensuring its creditability and transparency became a major concern these days. Where complex supply chain made it harder guaranteeing the genuineness of organic food. Our satellite-based technology combining machine learning comes into action to reduce the shortcomings of the organic food supply chain and enabling organic food producers to grow their business.

Objective of the Service

AgriPaaS aims to verify the organic food sourcing activities and make the organic food supply chain easier. These will help the organic stakeholders grow their market and earn the consumer

Customers and Their Needs

Our customers will be farmers, farming association and organic supply chain actors all over the world. Organic growers find organic food production maintenance and management activities very difficult and costly along with supply chain complexity. Which discourages many conventional farmers to turn into organic. On the other hand, due to lack of verification opportunities available in the organic food sourcing and supply chain, organic food sectors are failing to gain the full trust of consumers.

Service Concept

Our technology will use objective global satellite data, advanced machine learning technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to verify the organic food sourcing and management activities. We will use medium and high-resolution satellite imagery from Copernicus satellite mission in addition with weather and soil data.

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