Geo Natural - A Participatory Guarantee System for true natural crop

GreenEO UG is very pleased to announce that, we have initiated a natural field certification program in Bangladesh. Currently, there is no national organic policy (NOP) in Bangladesh. Moreover, third-party certification is not mandatory in Bangladesh for local organic consumption. Chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides, and chemical pesticides are not allowed to use in our certified natural fields. To reduce the certification cost for our natural farmers, we are not hiring any third-party field auditors. Instead, the neighboring peer farmers, consumers, suppliers, etc are doing the field audits. Using high-resolution satellite imagery, we are monitoring our natural fields every five days. To prevent any unwanted fraud, we are also doing natural field verification using advanced machine learning techniques in satellite imagery.

During winter 2020, we have few farmers who are doing tomato and wheat natural farming under the GEO Natural program in Narshingdi, Bangladesh. If you are interested to know more about our natural fields and want to visit our certified natural fields in Bangladesh, please write us mail:

Photo: Certified natural fields in Narshingdi, Bangladesh

4 thoughts on “GEO NATURAL (A Participatory Guarantee System for true natural crop)”

  1. Dear concern,
    I would like to wish u very best from deep of my heart. What you guyz are doing as far i know not been done in our country. Organic food concept is very new and not that familiar to our people. But recently people are getting cautious and concern about the quality of food that they consuming. I believe there are few elite society groups exist in our society that can able to afford organic food in thwir daily consumptions. U just need to keep patience and search for the right group of people.

  2. Yes, now few rich people can afford our geo-natural tomatoes in Bangladesh. But, we have a goal to make our geo-natural crops available for everyone. Thank you very much for your comments.

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