Md Reaid Alam


Short Description “Organic food” sounds cool to hear but its cultivation and management systems requires a lot of maintaining procedures and it comes along with transparency issues. With the growing demand of organically grown food products, ensuring its creditability and transparency became a major concern these days. Where complex supply chain made it harder guaranteeing …

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Organic Plausibility Checker

Organic markets are growing all over the world. The frequency of organic food fraud is increasing as well. To counter this fraud, satellite-based new technology can play an important role. Our satellite-based organic Plausibility Checker will act as a third eye for ensuring the extra surveillance in the organic sector combined with a supply chain mass balance system that combines certification and product transaction data.


Due to the recent climate change, the extreme climatic event like heat-wave, cold-wave, storm, flood, drought, etc. is increasing worldwide. The agricultural season is shifting in most countries and it influences the regional crop cycles. Due to the crop cycles changes the number of new pests and insects is arriving into the agricultural field. Low …

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GEO NATURAL (A Participatory Guarantee System for true natural crop)

Geo Natural – A Participatory Guarantee System for true natural crop GreenEO UG is very pleased to announce that, we have initiated a natural field certification program in Bangladesh. Currently, there is no national organic policy (NOP) in Bangladesh. Moreover, third-party certification is not mandatory in Bangladesh for local organic consumption. Chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides, …

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